• 2 months ago

For 2 years I’ve been having sex with my girlfriend that no one knows about except the two of us, and her BFF Liz who began having sex with us just about six months ago. It began when I was 22 and she was just inches from turning 13. It was several months before that, that she and her mom got abandoned by her dad. It was how we met. I had introduced myself with a pair of loaves of banana nut bread and I hadn’t liked him from the git go. It was only a week after they moved in down the road that he split for his little hussy. She began coming around and I began enjoying her company, once I got used to her routine and since there was no one else for her or I to bum around with except for her mom who seemed to be working all the time, we hit it off pretty quickly. her mom had begun working almost immediately at the insurance company she had transferred to, so that pretty much left me. My older woman of 26 decided that she liked taking my money to hook drugs instead of leading a more modest life style. (The reason that I had bought a place further away from the B.S.) The school’s summer vacation was almost over so we did spend a good bit of time together. We got to know each other very well. And in turn I got to know her mom who liked me “Nearly” right away. It was two months before her birthday that I began to make more serious moves on her. We had casually flirted but there was nothing too forward. More kind of sizing each other up. Me checking her maturity level more intimately than I had before. I found her and her blooming young body very attractive, and I was very interested in her as a person, and a girl. She is a smart, pretty, funny, and lighthearted young lady who had had crushes but never a boy friend. She is also filled with common sense and she is honest. She is also more than happy to help me around my place as I am to help around theirs. She was in her knew school by the time that I actually felt real desire for her. She was making a few friends and doing well. Unfortunately the friends lived closer to town, miles and miles away. I drove them back and forth on occasion so they could bang around. The mall or kind of baby sitting, things that kept me close, but distant. Her mom Kathy loved my standoffish attention to her daughter’s well being and security; twice I had run off bad guys. About a month before the birthday girl’s party I kissed her as we relaxed after rough housing and wrestling around. She didn’t seem very surprised at all except in her pretty blue eyes. She kissed me then, looking down and half draped over me on the couch. She told me that it was her first real kiss. We got cold drinks from the fridge and talked about us in ways that we hadn’t talked about us before. We became closer than friends. We were modest but obviously horny and hot for each other. When things between us were sorted we raided my fridge to go to her house and cook a dinner for when her mom got home. I let her drive. She loved my Jeep but really wanted to drive the Chevy. No way. Not yet. We had a great time and a good meal but Kathy, (She did Not like Kat as a nickname) she was tired and left us alone for bed. After splashihg in the kitchen cleaning up and a little touching(over the clothing)and a lot of kissing, we called it a night. Teacher work day was a surprise the next morning when she came over, that she had told neither me nor her mom about. We spent a few hours in bed after I washed up, and a few minutes eating and we did yard work and showered together and napped and spent more time in my bed again. We had fallen in love and lust. It wasn’t until what seemed like years later that we made love. It was the day after her thirteenth and the party and sleep over that she asked me and offered me to take her; to make her. It was ……………. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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