• 2 months ago

When everything was pretty much closed because of the virus my next door neighbor Sharon and I were the only people near enough in age and proximity to hang out with. We used to bang around all the time when we were younger but had kind of drifted apart. Still friendly but I was two years older and switched to the high school. We were a little shy at first but quickly fell back to our comfortable old routine. When, after wrestling around a little and copping some feels, I asked if she wanted to show and touch like we used to. Our kids version of “Show and Tell.” Which led to playing doctor and house. Lots of kissing and nakedness. She was all for it and said that she was almost ready to ask me . She was eager to make out and let me see and touch her relatively new breasts and pubic hair. We decided that we would be fooling around a lot in the coming days. She said that she had kissed a boy at school two different times but nothing more, and, that she really liked my thingy more than when we were preteens because it was a lot bigger. In three days we were fucking like the horny teens we are. And at 14 and 16 we have all our energy and all days all week long to be together.

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