• 2 months ago

Holly came back after over an hour and I heard her on her way since she has heavy heals on the wood floor. I acted involved with the Rambo movie that is like 30 years old. “Hey Shay called,… Can I go to the mall with her and her mom?” I couldn’t help but notice that she had taken care to get dolled up. “Wow–do you look nice. Are you staying for a dinner date or what?” “OH stop, it’ll just be a couple hours and I promise to be home before the rents get home. Can I borrow some money?” I gave her an exasperated sigh with a look. She looked very fine dressed like she was. Just a hint of make-up and casual tween. “I’m sure you know where it is, just leave me a couple hundred, I want to go get the carburetor for the firebird today.” Oh my god are you going to get it running today!?! “Oh my god you’ve got to let me drive her!!” I think that both she, and my parents loved the ’68 Pontiac more than I did. Not likely, but possible. She knelt beside me sitting in “the reading chair.” “Please!!!”—- “We’ll see what time you get back, kay?” She looked bummed as she stood. “Okay, But can I still borrow some money?” ” Leave me 3 and you can borrow the rest– I’m not working anymore you know.” “Okay! um, do you need any thing?” A car horn in the driveway. “Yea pick me up a 6 pack.” “Ha Ha like you don’t have enough already, and… um hey.” She gave me a kiss on the lips that took 4 seconds to happen and 5 minutes to realize. “I’m done thinking and I want to talk later tonight.”

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