• 2 weeks ago

I am completely inadequate on more than one level. I could not possibly enrich her life in any way that some other guy could’t, easily and unfortunately I don’t believe things are all that sacred with her. I dont think she would bat an eye at doing anythig even if it meant her and I could never. Not that she did, and I still wouldnt consider it wrong, she’s right no matter what she does that way, she moved on, I backed off and disappeared. It is what it is, I would be wrong to thnk thats wrong. I know there was something at one time, but I feel like a small fish. I dont feel that very often, but for some reason when it comes to her I am inadequate, in a few ways, completely. She can do better than me. Im a bore. Way out of my league. I’m just putting that out there. Its true. I cant hide that. The onoy place I am not inadequate is in my pants.

You dont want me. You might think you do, Im no prize. I cant take another bad heartbreak, personally lets just cut the bs.

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