• 1 week ago

For over a month now I have had one of the most beautiful twelve year old young ladies in the country. Her name is Cassandra and is more commonly known as Cass, or Cassie. Our relationship began 2 years ago when her family moved into the house next door to my own. Dad, Mom and 10 y o Cassandra. I was a 20 y o millionaire and touch better than good looking. Not self made but a lottery winner who wanted privacy. It was very private on the very empty road in the very rural area until Cassie moved next door. A good 3/4 mile hike if you took the shortcut through the woods that I had made when I bought the place. I lusted after her from the second second that I saw her on her eleventh birthday. At first it was cute her being board and hanging around. Then a pain in the butt her waking me and my girlfriend up at 8, 9 10 in the morning to hang out or “help”
around the place. She drove my girlfriend away which wasn’t such a great loss. Her dad split as soon as they were settled in. Mom was a workaholic and had no time for Cassie so it was kind of a natural fit but for our age discrepancy. After a few days of awkward flirting I kissed her and she grabbed my ass. Damn she learned quickly and loves sex as much as I do!!!

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