• 4 weeks ago

911 was an inside job and if you think otherwise you are apart of the problem. BEFORE YOU ROLL YOUR EYES…..PLEASE!!! Look into it. “They” got away with something that changed the world completely, yet you look away.

-Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon on 9/10, that part of the pentagon holding the records gets hit. The same section that was upgraded for bombproofing leading up to the event. Strange
-How did building 7 Burn to the ground without getting hit by a plane? Strange.
-How did WTC debris burn for 100 days after the event? Strange (not jet fuel)
-How come no other experienced pilot is capable of maneuvering the same way the plan that hit the pentagon did? Strange
-Why did the owner of the WTC take out terrorism insurance a few months before the events? Strange, considering it would have cost him billions to remodel and remove the asbestos
-The passport of the perpetrator magically appears, despite the towers literally disintegrating into DUST
-Why is the simulation from NIST classified? The one that proves that this was all done by a plane hitting the towers despite MODERN simulations and professionals saying otherwise.

…..many many many more unanswered questions remain

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