• 1 month ago

It never ceases to amaze me. Im an attractive guy. I always have been. I havent been with a lot of women, but thoughout my life tons and tons. They adore me.

But what blows my mind os the mentality of guys when it comes to these particular women. Its the same every time too. Most guys who look at me as competition, even though Im not in the game at all, havent been for eons, even if she does love me, I have nothing to do with anything with her, with the object of their affection, Im just there in her head, but these guys know this and it irritates the fuck out of them but they don’t go out and just make themselves a better more attractive guy to get her, they look at me, study me, and kick me in the bag, lie, cheat, cheap shots.

Another bit of advice for you boys, listen up, I know what Im talking about. ACTUALLY do or be something genuine, but hot. It has to be real and don’t pay any attention to anyone but her. That’s how you get her and keep her even if you cant be with her 🙂 thats not always a blessing though either, like I said, all kinds of dinks who can’t “compete” (its not a competition, Im already in there… I was the first man who walked on the moon. You might not have been a cumshot in your dads nuts at that point)very interested in you. Personally I dont even give a fuck about my “competition”. I dont even look, I dont care. Thats confidence.

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