• 1 month ago

Its almost as old as the time we met. Within a year.

Not sure if you remember that either when we actually met. It blows MY mind. I can see it in my head, because if Im being completely honest I do remember seeing you around before that, within 3 or so months. You were new. I dont know what my curiosity was that made me walk over I can still tell the name of the one with you too, but when I got close you said it. I cant remeber what I said, and we exchanged a few words it wasnt much but what you ended up saying didnt really bother me or make me feel anything in particular one way or the other. Thats interesting to me. It was like “thats nice…” I appreciated it, I didnt see it as wrong, not to be conceited, I was used to it, it was like affection. It was like love, just like any women even today who referes to me as “honey” or “sweetie” off hand. But it grew on me, so did you and it took years. We didnt say another word or pay any attention for a few years until we eneded up pretty much next to each other. It just stuck with me and really kicked in then. Maybe it just made me look at you and wonder “why did she say that? What made her say that?” And while doing that I fell.

You probably had no idea, didnt even remember saying it to me by that time.

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