• 2 weeks ago

Its kind of true, but…. fuck I cant even really argue it, I was a kid and I knew what love was really young also attraction to older women, man I had an aunt, non blood related who was smokin hot in her 20’s used to see me grab me kiss the hell out of me, and I loved every minute. I would have done anything with that woman a 8 years old and not tbought anytbing. Violate my inocence, please. But even if it is morally wrong for an adult to look at say even a legal 18 year old girl, thats legal, but still not right. Flattering, personally I’d be flattered, i usually am, I’m like damn… Im not a dog, thats happemed all my life, Im glad it still does sometimes. I would probably still sneak some good CLEAN closeness, but I couldn’t be a certain thing to her.

Also though, as an adult, even if an 18 year old girl says she feels something, she really has no idea what she wants. Shes a year or 2 away from the start of some serious changes mentally into womanhood. Any man who seriously invest time and soul into a girl that age, is asking for trouble. She’ll hit early mid 20’s, probably want something completely different in many areas of life that dont involve you and if she is even a little bit hot, she will be able to get it. Easy. So if you buy into that, you’re probaboy going to end up hurt.

As far as if your talking certain “love” not dying over time with age, true. If it was real and true, you’re right.

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