• 1 month ago

Just saying. That was a response to if Im jealous and I assumed it was one of your fwb who doesnt like me for whatever reason. Because THEY are jealous. You think I need something, someome or Im not doing well I forget how you worded it, oh yeah “struggling”? Is that what you want? A jealous reaction? Did you study psychology and the book told you that should be the result? Thats what my typical brain should do? You must believe in horoscopes, fortune tellers and astrology, feeble minded shit too then right? No and when I am “struggling” in some way I can probably easily fix it. Myself. Not married either.

We’re friends. We are not an item, but we are close.

For me its about long lost people who I thought cared about each other on some level, missed opportunitites and wanting to re-connect. Dont know how I got that impression

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