• 5 days ago

And I’m only talking about 1 single woman from my distant past, too. She is the only one, woman, I have ever known from the past who I would even consider anything with and if Im being completely honest, even she has a gigantic hang up when it comes to the people she has called friends for as long or longer than I knew her. There is another women out there that I have a real problem with. Thats strong, strong distaste on my part. I really really dislike this woman. She has been a thorn in my side more than once, and I dont even know her. We dont know each other but Im open to have my mind changed on that and if Im wrong or I was wrong, if I misunderstood and acted wrong, I would be the first to apologize and prove it. In other words I’d be truly sorry. Just her, otherwise, Im continuing to move on with what I have and maybe eventually something new and worth while. I dont have mch faith in the past tbh. Its not like I have not gotten real with myself on the subject and possibilities of her and I. A great many years ago. Ive blown opportunities, Ive let things go in the moment for many logical reasons, I didnt want to share something that important to me with the people I happened to be with, I didnt think I could carry it, I lacked confidence in my self, and I actualy still stand by those reasons today and I didn't want to ruin it with that. A gamble but the right choice for me. I know.

I dont give much of a crap what anyone else love or hates about me. Its all just unwanted attention to me and I probably dont buy it either anyway. Not even a remote consideration. Just not an option for me. For anything, and thats probably your own fault.

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