• 6 days ago

You’ll grow up, it’ll be worse for you though. What you do as a kid bites you in the ass later in life.. You’ll be surrounded by what you’ve done. It’s that wonderful thing called karma, you fuckin retarded little incest Sissy’s believe in. In reality your just shity kid’s from a broken home waiting to get put in the process of the system. I might have said it but I didn’t write it. Everyone knows I would rather tell someone to there face, because the truth hurts. They know I want to see the pain because I’m alllll fucked up and that would make me feel better. I normally wouldn’t but.. we both know you’d fuckin hit the ground running if I got within arms reach of you. So here it is Kitty’s, family comes first kid, if that’s the only thing you ever learn from me take it. It’s sad the way you treat the people whom not just like you but love you. Attention isn’t always positive, but that why I’m such an open person. Not to deflect the attention, it’s to shed light on the fact.

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