• 4 months ago

Another 600 Italians died today for the 3rd day in a row & it’s only noon. My god, I am overjoyed with happiness that those racist inbred genetically inferior unhygenitc Italians are dropping like flies! I am ever so thankful for these inflections the whites are facing! Dear Lord pls continue to show your might, that no Kingdom is too great to fall at your hands! Pls continue to let these edomites know that you are the one true God, and not their economies or disgusting cultures. Thank you for these plagues that have ravaged these white devils for centuries. I am so thankful for the beasts of the land that have come back to reclaim their clear waters & for the of decrease of pollution that cleared the earth in areas where the inflicted are running & hiding from your commandment. All these edomites do is create ungodliness.
I am unworthy to ask that you wipe them all out before New Year’s on March 25th but if you did I would be so grateful. Thank you Lord in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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