• 8 months ago

Also anyone who is not her, don't even stick your 2 cents in, I don't fucking care for your opinoon you definitely don't know shit all. I know my problem, she knows my problem, I can fix it myself, the only advice or 2 cents support I will accept, is hers if she wants to give it or its hurting her to see it. Maybe shes racked with guilt, well she can fix everything and change the way I see her, I'll forgive her  if she comes over here, give me a hug and look at what I have and help guide me towards a better way. Otherwise Im doing it myself anyway because I have no choice, but Im just saying. Is it hurting you to see this guy who loves you and who you love in a bit of hot water? You also know I have what I need to fix things, I dont need anything materialistic, out of her, I'm fine, I wouldnt accept It, thats not my style, i wouldnt want to be that kind of a man towards her, thats not what its about, if I didnt believe she could see it and its impossible for me to hide from her, I would just be sucking it up and doing it myself anyway. 

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