• 7 months ago

I’m trans and the only thing I want is to be treated like the gender I am. I don’t understand why it’s so alien and so hard for people to understand. It’s not hurting anybody. People use the name I chose as infrequently as if it was just a casual nickname. And it HURtS. Does it *really* hurt you THAT bad to just call me by a different name and maybe even use different pronouns? I don’t even have any trans friends. Or really any lgbtq friends. I feel so alone, I’m like the ugly duckling. I can’t find anything that I can connect to people about- there’s no other artists where I live, nobody likes the same shows I like, nobody cares for the music I like, nobody seems to go through the same struggles as me and nobody can ever understand what the fuck I’m trying to communicate. I try to revel in the things other people like and celebrate when they celebrate, and cheer them up when they’re feeling down, but I might as well be living in a country where I barely know the language. Maybe I’m just autistic? Probably. Everything I ever say comes out in a different way than I’d like.

Please don’t hate me just because I’m trans, it *really* gets me in the mood for suicide

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