• 8 months ago

Please do not call and ask two people for advice who literally torture me and actively encourage me to commit suicide every time I talk to them who literally made me grow up watching animals be tortured and abused who is sit and laugh voice I got raped by a relative I absolutely understand you have no desire for a friendship or to ever talk to me again I get that your life has moved on I’m used to that I’m used to people you know when they don’t need anything out of me anymore pushing me to the side I’m used to it just please understand like the damage it’s doing When is doing on me psychologically the can of worms you were opening every single time you talk to them please I beg you do not give me staying away is what you want you got it I promise I absolutely understand there is no place for me in your new life I get it I like living in my own world I’m happy here.

I hope this wasn’t punishment for sending that text I feel so terrible I am so sorry I don’t think I will ever be able to reach out to anyone ever again

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