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Christ almighty I am so angry with him that I want to tell him what I think, I want to hurt him, I want to smash everything he owns but I can’t do any of it because he is hundreds of miles away. I am just so bloody frustrated right now that I want to do something, anything that will calm me down. There is a story I want to tell but it’s disgusting but I am just so mad that I am going to do it, don’t know why but I think telling it will make me feel better. I can’t do what I want to do so I am going to do this instead.
I went to the toilet on Sunday and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had, I was naked because I was going to get a shower but I needed to poo first so I sat on the loo and waited a while and then I just felt this lump of shit coming out and it just kept coming and coming, it wasn’t lots of little pieces but one big turd that eventually hit the water and sounded like a brick. It was long and hard. When I stood up and looked in the pan it wasn’t there, it must of been so big and heavy that it disappeared around the bend. When I wiped my ass the paper was absolutely clean because it was so hard. I have never had an experience like it in my life, I wish every time could be like it.
Sorry if you read this, I know it’s horrible but I do feel better for having told the story but I still want to smash his face in.

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