• 8 months ago

You hear me? You understand what I’m saying? I know what it is, was and what it wasn’t, and I know for a fact that it was more important to you, than you had me believing. But I was a smart kid though, I never really had much of a doubt. It seemed like one thing, but I knew if I left, you’d feel it. Part of the asshole in me wishes so bad he knew how bad you felt it, if at all, but yeah. I knew it

I know, being realistic and I do care, I always have, I always will, but I don’t put much into it, because it’s too far away and I think damaged. Maybe even far more damaged than I ever imagined. It’s one of my newest complexes, although it started with you though too. People who cant keep their god damn hands off my things. I don’t mean that derogatory way either, I don’t mean you’re an object, you know. I fucking hate people who can’t mind their damn business and stay the fuck away from me and my life. What I find found stumble on.

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