• 8 months ago

I am such a lesbian lol. I find a lot of females extremely attractive from their hair, voice, eyes, face, body, boobs, ass, legs, thighs, feet, etc. and their cute, wet, squishy little pussies, they’re so cute OMFG! ^-^ owo

I get off to and dream of getting with females, I often dream of getting with them in places like forests, deserts, oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, snowy places, abandoned buildings, hotel and motel rooms, and pretty much anywhere and everywhere lol.

I’ve noticed that I’m attracted to my best friend who has brunette hair, blue eyes, nice lips, nice body, nice sized boobs and ass, nice legs and thighs, and nice feet, so I think I’m gonna make a move on her and hopefully she accepts me! ^.^

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