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To: Double Re : Have a rotten rest of your lives, both of you.
Don’t you fucking start drama now! Don’t you fucking dare I was on your side bitch ass fuck yourself old man fat

Re: Okay so,

1. Who the fuck are you? An irrelevant mother fuck that’s who.
2. You were very clearly talking to me, you were NEVER on my side.
3. I will start drama and I’ll do whatever the fuck I want.
4. I’m not an “old fat man”. I’m 21, I’m 170lb, I’m 6’2″, I’m actually good looking, I have muscles and I work out unlike your fatass, and lastly I know boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and mma, I’ll fuck your ass up.
5. I ain’t about this stupid shitty internet trash talking bullshit, let’s sort this shit out like real men. Name the time, date and location. Guarantee your ass I’ll fucking be there you prick.

I bet you won’t be there cause you’re a shit little slow ugly fatass kid who sits and hides behind a screen who gets himself off to gay anime porn and shits himself whenever he’s threatened. I’ll make you piss and shit blood for the rest of your shit life. You’ll be paralyzed to the point where you can’t even open your eyelids. I’m not scared or intimidated by you a little shit, come fight me like a man! Time, date and location, I’ll be there.

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