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To: No you wouldn’t. 1 punch and you’d be on the ground crying & The bitch that said “Goodnight MEN” LOL crazy bitch get the meds out.. LOL.

Re to No you wouldn’t: I bet your ass one punch and you’d be on the ground crying, begging and praying to the lors on your hands and knees for a gasp of air which you won’t get cause both you’re lungs’ll be punctured, same with the fuckhead “man” that whore gets abused by.

Re to The bitch said Goodnight MEN: Hi my name’s doctor smith, you appear to have a severe case of retardation, please have a seat while I write your prescription for an anti-retard medication. But in all serious, did you even read her fucking post? There was a lot more than just “Goodnight MEN” and you completely forgot the fact that she’s been making posts like that one ALL FUCKING DAY. Unlike you I’m not retarded and I have a brain, I don’t need no meds faggot, go fuck your father.

Have a rotten rest of your lives, both of you.

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