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To: Good night MEN, I hope your sleep is sweet & you wake up next to the alpha woman of your dreams.

Re: Shut the fuck up with your “feminazi, alpha female” bullshit, literally no one gives a fuck. Your points are completely trash and shit, you’re probably an ugly fatass hoe irl, you’re probably broke as fuck and don’t have a job same with your “man”, you probably live in a shithole, you’re so called “man” is probably a cuck faggot punk ass small little packing peanut cock asswipe who is probably controlled by you, you feminazi, if anyone’s the feminazi it’s probably you ya cunt.

Honestly, I’d probably beat your “man’s” ass. Not only would I beat his ass I’d destroy every bone and organ in his body to the point where he’d die, and if he somehow survives he’d be in a coma for the rest of his shitty life, and if he does get out of the coma he would never be able to do jack shit again and I will have re-arranged his face so much so that he’s not hot anymore and he’d piss and shit blood for the rest of his life, you’d end up leaving him.

Go fuck yourself whore, don’t judge other’s people’s lives just cause you don’t like it. I bet your “man” physically, verbally and sexually assaults/abuses you and I’m honestly glad if he does.

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