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To the girl with the “awkward” grandpa… yeah, no. Your grandpa is a fucking pedo, and your dad is hip deep in de Nile. From the sounds of it, the pedo shit has only encompassed groping, which- and I wanna be clear here- is NOT OKAY, but it’s also going to be hard to impossible to prove unless you can get you and your cousins to testify. In the meantime, talk to your cousins, and any aunts you think might be willing to listen. Make sure they know they can open up to you if needed, and decide between you if you want to take his ass to court. If one of you has money, get your hands on some pocketknives, hand them out, and bury one in the fucker’s thigh if he tries to take off so much as your hat without permission. Your father doesn’t seem about to defend any of you, so if anything happens, you may have to defend yourselves. That said, don’t make it a secret that the women in the family are carrying pointy things. He might stop there. And when he croaks, don’t feel bad for not crying over him. He’s a creep, and feel free to get in some tap dancing practice on his grave.

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