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I’m not mad doe

Don’t make it what it isn’t.

I was reading an article on infidelity, it made me thing about all of the experiences I have had and seen my whole life, you better believe I have seen some shot when it comes to other people’s relationships, I listed a few of them, some of the facts of the article floored me, like the idea that 2% – 3% of kids out there are the result of infidelity, and are being raised by someone other than their father WHO DOESN’T KNOW and that yeah those are conservative, who would admit that, is mind blowing to me.

I’m shocked at the number of dislikes I got. Look at my second post, wow thanks. Thats amazing. I just do t get where you see anger other than at the thought of a girl tracking down people from my past and pointing me out, so I would want to kill her and mulch her but other than that, no anger. The angry ones are all the dislikes. Look at that shit. I’m proud and baffled. You people are fucked.

I’m basically saying don’t put a label on your relationships, and life is much better. I don’t have to talk to a girl friend for a month and when we do see each other, it’s nice. It’s not ugly, there’s no stress, she can do whatever she wants. Shut doesn’t change. It could sometime, but there’s always another.

Maybe I’m one of those people who just knows shit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and you could be a glass half full kind of person who could overlook the relationship you investiled in, but you better be cool with some dude trying tryin o get something out of your wife. She might give in some time. Chances are pretty good, he’ll you might be getting some side action too. I’m just Look I g at it like why? It will fail. It’s actually 100% even if that failufailure means you end up hating each other’s faces but you stay together for the kids. Your wife got fatter than fuck.

I could buy a house with my brother. I could say fuxk it and do it myself and make him pay rent. I probably will sometime soon as a matter of fact, but whatever.

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