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Also though, I’m impotent but whatever

Love is a fucked up thing though. For real, the honest to shit truth about it, is it’s pretty much a guaranteed failure. It might crash and burn like a really bad train wreck too. A plane cash. Maybe not there is those people who will make it, they’re dedicated, you absolutely need 2 people on the same track at the same time, but they’re also old fashioned. That breed of people is dying out, and the internet is without a doubt a huge huge very big ruiner of relationships. It’s an extremely bad thing for “the relationship” no matter how you look at it. To be able to reach out on the phone in your pocket to anyone at any time…. good fucking bye romance. You will never actually miss that person ever. That’s dead or drastically changed because of the internet. For better or worse? That’s up to you, but I think it’s really fucking bad for a healthy relationship. That’s not old fashioned whether you like it or not. You see them during the relationship, and you can see them after too. There’s no real disappearing and laying low, unless you delete all your profiles

The other thing is monogamy IS hard. When it comes to women, there is at least one guy at all times on any given chick in existence. Men and women are different, that’s obvious, we know that, and there is at least 1 dude on your woman at all times. All she has to do is say “ok”. They don’t even really need to try. Depending on her character or if shes a big slut, it’s hard to say how long she can hold monogamy,but yeah.

It’s a hard truth, but I’ve had the hard truth when it comes to other things jammed down my throat since my mid 20’s, I couldn’t have ever seen worse. I’m used to hard truths hahahahaha. They are worse than what that article says. Guaranteed.

You might even say “all these statistics are bullshit” and they be, but I would bet it’s way worse. I know just the people I’ve known and seen, I could be anything, it could be my younger aunt telling me about 8 years ago, EVERYONE is fucking EVERYONE where she works. Everyone.

It just doesn’t work. Why waste all that money and time, like I said, it would poss me off that I have to make appearances at the lawyer and in court and you’ryou’re paying for this fucking bullshit, that kind of thing would poss me right the fuck off, so why do it? Why risk it? Your chances of divorce are greater than dying in a game of Russian roulette. Not even just divorce though, I mean give yourself fully to another person. Feelings, commitment, kids that kind of shit? That’s a big fucking life gamble on something that will probably fail or go pretty bad.

I am truly surprised at all the dislikes from you freaks though. Really? You believe in love? Seriously? And marriage? YOU?

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