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No, people who have had many chances to talk, chose not to. You can’t blame someone for washing their hands of you.

Anybody else, if we don’t know each other, women and have never met in person, I don’t care who the fuck you are, just shut the tuck up and get on with your stupid life.

^^^ I fucking hate that more than anything. I’m not fucking interested in you, and there is probably a giant list of reasons. Legit reasons. Some of them given to me out of spite and just to be a cunt. Character. You have nothing to do with anything, mind your business and fuxk off.

I like it up on my high horse. It spares me from talking to you. People, especially when it comes women from my past are entitled to exactly fuxk all out of me. You can’t fucking demand anything. The issue is, I basically wNt you to fuxk off. To me, it’s not even worth communicating. What’s the point? Instead make like I don’t exist. That’s all I’m getting at. It’s not that I’m too good, I don’t like you for one reason or another, or many, and its legit. They are real and logical reasons. Maybe you blew it and you already got plenty of time, you had all the fucking time in the world, maybe you only had a week, and the moment went away, I’ve been there, well you lost it. So you should accept that.

Some peoe know for a fact, I will evade them if given the chance. I’m done with it. It has nothing to do with superiority either, I just don’t like you. That’s probably your fault

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