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My wife is having an affair and Im afraid to confront the guy she is fucking because I nearly shit my pants everytime I see him. In afraid of him and he intimidates me, which i think turns my wife on. My wife and I haven’t spoken about her affair but she hasnt exactly been distcreet either, i think she enjoying humiliating me and is sdeing if Im going to man up. Shes taking to leaving her cum stained painties lying around the house, wears leather mini skirts when going out with her “friends” the weekend, doesn’t come home some nights, smells of sweat and cum when she does and refuses to have sex with me. A couple of times when ive come home from work our bedroom has smelt of sex and the bed is messy. To make matters worse i think she purposely let me unknowingly eat his cum out of her pussy one morning after she came home from being with him. I tried to test the waters to she if she wanted sex, she said no she was tired but then decided she wanted to be eaten out, I obliged anx i dont think shes ever cum so quickly before but i swear i could taste and feel the texture if his cum in my mouth and her pussy smelt like balls. Im pretty sure she relayed this story to the asshole because the last time i saw the prick he made a snide comment to me that could only mean he knew

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