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One sided divorce

It’s been 4 years.I loved you,respected and trusted you with all my heart.I always wanted to be around you,I was always energetic,I was happy.But today I feel I have wasted all these years loving you,caring for you and expecting the same.I never saw any energy and effort in your love.You are not present in these marriage so let it be.I can’t always tell you how am feeling or how I want you to be or what you are doing.You should figure it by yourself.Now am done,I am bitter,I don’t love you anymore.I regret every bit of my day with you and my decision for marrying you.Though I may not divorce you because you won’t let it be.Now on let’s live like a two strangers living the together.I give up on this relationship,I give up on you,I give up on myself,I will just take care of baby,educate her to be an independent strong women,I’ll cook,wash dishes,your clothes,clean the house.I will stay like a maid from now on.I am just so done.I understood I can never be happy because this marriage is not meant to be.I can’t give all the effort here.You don’t fucking deserve any of me.Its your lose to lose all the good of me.I have never seen such a stupid man like you.I am sure one day you’ll regret it but it already too late.I can’t cry over you everyday for all the useless things that you don’t even care.Forget it,even though you get fucking rich one day that you’ll take me shopping everyday and take me on expensive dates.I will never be able to love you again because I feel am dead.
I never want to meet you in my next life.Please don’t

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