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I wanted to ask a question to all the guys on this site, more specifically: what is it like to have a penis?
I’ve had a lot of questions in general about dicks, truthfully I’ve never had anyone in my life to appropriately bring it up too. So I am curious if some of you cis guys could answer my questions?

When someone sits on your lap, or lays their head on your lap, does it disturb you, and annoy you at all? Are you self conscious about your penis?

When you put pants on, how the fuck do you tuck lil-dicky away, they seem impractical. And do tight pants ever irritate you? If so how do you deal with it?

And lastly, what about in general, do you enjoy having a dick? Whats your favourite things about it? Any funny stories?

Thanks for reading -sincerely a confused transgender man whats been trying to stuff a sock in his pants for the last half an hour and has no idea how to position it properly. (Please help)

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