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I’m confused. What do Americans want?
The economy is rocking in most places. Interest rates are favorable. Anyone that wants a job can get two. Gasoline price is under control. Stores and on line sites are chock full of all kinds of cheap Chinese products. UPS and FedEx trucks are busy. What’s wrong?

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  • You are confused because your information is incorrect propaganda from CNN.

    The economy sucks and jobs, which pay well, are very hard to find. You really want to work in a “death and injury” warehouse for Amazon? Go ahead, get that “easy” job. Even the illegals don’t want it.

    Chinese products are much more expensive, due to the tariffs. Haven’t you noticed?

    As soon as Israhell and their puppet Trump get the war on Iran started then gasoline prices will skyrocket too. The US has plenty of oil, but you won’t see any of it.

    That’s what’s wrong.

    Who do you shill for?

    Anonymous June 17, 2019 4:22 pm Reply

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