• 1 year ago

I was in a motel room. It had those double doors between my room and the room next door. Horny I got naked and started masturbating. I always close my eyes and think the girls I saw that day. I took my time and went slow then fast and lasted about 15 minutes. I was moaning just like i do at home. I let ended loudly and laid back with a smile.
I opened my eyes and 2 girls were standing there. Both with smiles and one with video camera. I said Hell whats going on? The doors were open between the 2 rooms. Jerk before me left my side unlocked. I covered up.
They both laughed and asked my name. There names are Lisa and Tiffany. I said get out of here now!!
Lisa said Oh no. She sat on chair and said they both now owned me. Lisa got my wallet and emptied cash. She said this is blackmail NOT robbery… Unless you want all your friends and family in your phone/address book to get copies of this tape. I was scared. I said show me what you have on the tape. It had every minute!!
They wanted the following. $100 each per week.They can call and I MUST come back to motel and I will do whatever they say.

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