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I know why you disappeared now, I found it out you lied about your age, what was the point? What was your plan? how could you just string me along for three years, Then just leave and not say anything I loved you and you said loved me. You could have at least lied. But no you just vanshed and left me guessing. It fine tho I have come to terms with it and I forgive you

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  • Sorry that happened. I feel bad because I did that to someone. I lied about being 18 (I was 14) and, as things got serious, I didn’t want him to feel like a creep so I just vanished. I never intended to hurt him. I’m sure whoever you’re referring to did what they did because of their own flawed reasoning and not because anything you did.

    Anonymous April 13, 2019 6:55 am Reply

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