• 1 year ago

I feel stupid and sick. My chest feels heavy, I have difficulty to breath, my stomach hurts, and honestly, If I remember anything related to it I want to cry.
I have a normal life I guess, work, college, friends, family, bla, bla. I always liked video games, but this way… I think I’m crazy and feel ashamed at the same time.
I ended Red Dead Redemption 2 last weekend and since then I’m feeling like this.
I cried and cried since the last chapters. I think I’m in love with Arthur Morgan, yeah a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, sometimes I just paused the game to look at his face. I like everything about him, specially his eyes, damn it I think I never going to find somebody like him in my stupid life.
I can’t find a way to feel better. I tried doing what I like, focus on work, go for walks,etc.
Aggg, damn you, Rockstar.

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