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So I am thinking that this guy I’ve been talking to for 2 yrs now has been probably no longer wanting to talk to me much.. the emails get shorter and mainly just work is work and school is school talk.. I had sent a photo of me in the desert with some camels I’ve seen.. then out of nowhere he immediately replies back asking if I’m deployed and if I’m in a safe area.. normally when I email it’s over a month for him to reply back although he’s stateside.. I figured maybe just not reply until a month after.. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately like nothing more than drifting apart.. The conversations use to be ongoing and lately one email once a month.. I figured if it’s going to be that way, then carry on, we’re adults and just felt like a friendship I thought was there is no longer now..

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  • Just talk? For two years? And you’re overseas? This is juvenile to even expect a reply at all.

    Anonymous March 15, 2019 3:43 pm Reply

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