• 1 year ago

I hate my fat friends. Like, not even because they’re fat, but because they’re whiney as fuck about feeling ugly & being fat but doing NOTHING to change their appearance. If they were those happy fat chicks who were all like “I got curves!” I’d like them a million times better, but they just complain! They bitch about not being able to get boyfriends & blame their weight but really it’s their sad sack attitudes!
Years ago, when I was a teenager I would go on Craigslist and read different ads for fun (weird hobby, I know), and I found an ad that has been forever etched in my brain more than a decade later: it was a guy looking for fat, hairy, UNWASHED pussy to sit on his face!
Then not too long ago I watch an episode of My 600lb Life in which the subject of the episode used to be like an escort for wealthy men who loved big women, then she got married and her husband was threatening divorce and was no longer attracted to her BECAUSE SHE WAS LOSING WEIGHT!
What I’m saying is, bitch if you can’t find a fucking date when there are men out here advertising for stank obese cootch and paying tall dollars to have your fat ass kept in a pent house suite then YOU are doing something wrong!!!

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