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I used to work at Mcdoanlds. It was great and awful all at the same time. I basically had leverage over my GM because I am incredibly smart and was able to fill in about anywhere when needed. I was a utility player if you will. She knew that I was basically the equivalent of two to three other employees. So I kinda had certain freedoms and liberties that others were not afforded. Such as telling someone who has called me a liar and a piece of shit over an expired coupon to go fuck themselves and to maybe try BK to have it their way. Or just not showing up to work for three weeks straight because I didn’t want to go. Nothing ever happened to me. I got away with so much shit it’s really not even funny. I told one of the other managers to take the cash register and shove it up their ass one day because they kept bitching about me taking the money. Like there would be no car at my window and they’d scream take the money take the money. From who? Fucking Casper? One day my GM tried to upstage me during one of these battles. She was like let me show you how it’s done. She hit the exact cash button before the car even rolled up. She had to do a refund and start this huge order all over again during a rush because that person only had a debit card. And when she got through it, I didn’t even say anything I just smiled. And she got all pissy telling me to shut up even though I never said anything. But as she was about to walk away I said this “And that’s why you wait” just loud enough for her to hear. I never heard anyone tell take the money again after that debacle. I’ve lost where I was going with this so just enjoy what I wrote. Also I fardded and then shidded and it felt good.

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