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I have no clue where to put this other than here. I’ve recently fallen in love with one of my best friends, it’s only been 4 months since I have. Tonight, when I was trying to fall asleep, I had the thought that we probably wouldn’t work out and I should stick to just being friends with him. Within myself, I felt this pain in my heart; like I knew my thought was wrong and felt wrong, but the logical part of my brain felt this was right. I don’t know. He is terrified of love and I am just a simple boy who loves romance and has very strong feelings for him. It’s scary being in limbo, having the ball being in his court. Being vulnerable. Because he knows. God, does he know. But what is a boy to do?

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  • I have a similar experience… I am a girl, and I am in absolute head over heels love with my best friend. Her and I had a discussion about it back in August.. she said someday, maybe something will happen. Shes open to the idea. But she isn’t sure what romantic love feels like. She’s afraid of doing this wrong, and she isn’t sure if she even feels that way about me. She doesn’t like to talk about it… i feel like if we ever stop being close, my heart decay and my bones will cave in… i’ve convinced myself that I can live with just being friends. At least I can for now. So long as she is in my life, i can be okay. I can handle it. It was HARD forcing myself into being okay with limbo. It took a better part of two months to get to being okay with just being friends. Trying not to think of her in that way. And honestly it did take a lot of talking with her. We decided that we are indeed just going to be friends for now, but we’ll keep each other in mind for the future. . .

    I wish you luck with your friend, for whatever may come. You should take some time to evaluate what is most important here to you. What you want out of him, and out of life. What you need to keep sane or at least relatively emotionally stable. Romance can feel so wonderful and exciting, but at the end of the day? We love people because of how they make us feel, because we love the things they do and the way they treat us. Only you can live your own life, only you can feel whay you feel. Just… be sure you go about this in a way where you don’t eat yourself up

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