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Where do you guys watch cp? Ever since Tumblr got shut down I can only see them while they are wearing a bikini.

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  • man i understand. honestly i cant get off without it and my life becomes dark depressing and unfulfilled without the release. get the tor browser go here Es2adizg32j3kob5.onion dont give anyone your information

    Anonymous January 8, 2019 9:30 pm Reply
  • do not go to this link from anything but the tor or pier to pier or you will be put on a watchlist and found.

    Anonymous January 8, 2019 9:30 pm Reply
  • Oh gosh i hope that acronym isn’t what i think it is

    Anonymous January 8, 2019 9:33 pm Reply
  • yup… yup it is. dont judge. everyone has different sexual preferences and for a lot of people its better to yank one than to have the urge pent up for years. have you ever gone without sexual and emotional gratification for years because there was no way to have a relationship with anyone. of course some people can take it or leave it but some just cant get gratification from anything else. the guilt and shame can be overbearing. but i say the ppl who touch should get shot. no going against that.

    Anonymous January 8, 2019 9:39 pm Reply
  • Is it…actual cp? Like actual children, because if so jesus christ dude. Loli I can understand because its fictional y’ know. But actual children? You really aren’t helping the problem, man.

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 3:59 am Reply
  • You realize that when you indulge in “cp”, you’re supporting a culture that hurts and literally scars actual children… Take therapy.

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 8:18 am Reply
    • Depends on how old they are. If they are 12 they are already curious of sexual activities. All you’re doing is guiding them but also satisfying your own needs

      Anonymous January 10, 2019 8:01 pm Reply

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