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One thing I realize from this life is that the universe is a massive scale of balance and counter balance in everything. In chemistry you must balance chemicals in a reaction in math both sides of an equation must be equal and in life the universe wants blood, yours to be exact. A piece of your life, that is the only way you will know success, life tears and blood is the sacrifice you must pay for legit success. It must be equal and fair for fate to take your favor. Stealing, robbing and cheating is not success even if money is involved, as you will pay in an equivalent and opposite way, mind you, you may accomplish your personal goals but it depends on how much you spent on the universes dime of how much it will collect. And like most who spent too much you may pay with your life and sometimes it will include those you love. Just Remember this, there are no shortcuts in life, that’s called charging cosmic credit and the debt collector will take the equivalent price. The more of your own blood you give the greater your success, the more you take with impunity your “credit” will run out just as quickly until the debt exceeds the worth of your life.

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