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I wish I could ask my parents (my mom in particular, shes easier ro talk to) for a vibrator. What Im using now isn’t an official sex toy (its a homedics pm 50 mini massager – my brother won it for me at Dave and Busters with innocent intentions) and it works, but theres no way to adjust vibration intensity, and its incredibly hard to clean. It gets grungy in all the little cracks and crevices and just feels a bit gross to look at because of that. I could benefit so much from a real vibrator, and Ill be 16 in September, so its not like its taboo for me to own one at my age, but how do I even approach this? I feel like asking for one would ensue an interrogation ultimately failing my end goal and getting rud of what I already have. I dont know what to do, and it upsets me.

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  • There should be a new acronym FWV. Friends with Vegetables. Try cucumbers and zucchini. Warm to room temp, then wash, peel thinly and sculpt as desired. Zucs are preferred 3 to 1 by lonely girls.

    Anonymous August 14, 2018 7:49 pm Reply

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