• 1 week ago

Story about the best sex I have ever had. During the pandemic my boyfriend broke up with me, most of the guys on Tinder were total creeps, and I had been walking around in nothing but underwear and still hadn’t had sex in months. So, one night I self medicated with a bottle of vodka and cranberry juice. After going to the bathroom I went to throw myself on the couch and completely missed, landing on the floor with a dull thud. My roommate Brody heard me laughing and came to investigate. He found it amusing that I was giggling on the floor. I rolled over to get up. Brody has this bad habit of humping guests at our one bedroom apartment and will actively try to mount anyone on their hands and knees. He saw the opportunity and jumped on my ass and grabbed my hips. My usual response to such behavior would be to kick him off or smack him. This time because I was very very very drunk, and was in a giggly mood, just made me laugh. The more he attempted to hump me the funnier it became. Then his penis hit the right spot and slid down my slit right across my clit. It was no longer funny, replaced by a shiver of pleasure and a devious thought. We were the only ones there. He wouldn’t tell anyone, and I sure wouldn’t be admitting anything if anything happened, and it had been a very long time since I had had sex. So I slid my underwear to the side. He poked and prodded and humped, then found the spot and shoved himself all the way in all at once. He was a machine, a racecar engine pistoning towards a red line. My eyes were rolling and toes were curling almost instantly. Brody has a feverishly high body temperature so I could feel all of him inside me, and his unique shape hit the spots that left my legs shaking for minutes after he was finished. It has now been over 2 years since that day and I haven’t had sex with a human male since, but my sex life is more active now over the last 2 years than it has ever been in my life.