• 2 weeks ago

I played Fortnite and when I died my uncle told me he’d reboot me if I helped him. We were in our undies and I was laying down waiting for him to reboot me back to the game. I was face down on the floor bored and he kept looking over at my butt and then he’d move something in his undies. “You want me to reboot you in the game? Can you help me out too then?” And I asked “What?” And he said “If I reboot you, you have to do any day that I say no matter what it is!” And I said “Ok.. What dare uncle Matthew?” And he said “See my controller?” It was in his lap on top of his undies. “Yeah?” And he said “I dare you to put your hand under it.” And I leaned over and put my hand under the controller. I felt something in his undies and I asked what was in his pocket. “Undies don’t have pockets. That’s my wiener!” He said. “Eww gross! I touched your wiener!” And he laughed and said “I dared you to! Now grab it with your hand and feel how warm it is!” And I grabbed it curiously and held it and felt the warmth. “See, it’s warm aint it!” And I said yeah. “Well I dare you to play with it until I reboot you! And when I reboot you, you can stop.” And I started messing with it not knowing what I was actually doing. I just moved my hands around it, felt his penis and how it was growing harder and thicker in my hand. It was really thick but not that long like the men in movies. “You’re pretty cool playing dare. Ya know some friends at school do this on the bus and one of them dared me to lick his wiener!” And I looked up at him and said “Nooo way!!! That’s gross! Why?” And he said “Well it’s just funny and it also makes you feel good getting your wiener played with.” And I said “What happened when you licked his wiener?” And my uncle said “Well it made his wiener get bigger and then he dared me to put it in my mouth for a little bit and when I did he pushed it in and out and eventually nutted inside my mouth.” And he laughed. “It was gross but hilarious! He got jizz on the bus seats and now we call it the jizz section.” And he saw me looking down at his wiener and he said “I dare you to put mine in your mouth!” And I said “No way! That’s gross!” And he said “You have to! It’s a dare! And I’ll reboot you!” So I leaned down and he pulled his wiener out of his undies and I saw some of his big boy hair. “You have a big wiener though!” And he laughed and said “Come on it’s fine! Just put your mouth in it.” And I leaned forward and put my lips on it. He pushed into my mouth and then pushed my head down and his wiener his the back of my throat. He let go and I pulled up real quick and coughed and he laughed and said “Hahaha that felt great! Keep doing that!” And pushed my head back down. He pushed me onto his wiener and he pushed it into my mouth and even though I couldn’t breathe he kept pushing deeper and pushed my head down onto it and thirsted in and out of my throat for a minute until I felt something warm start shooting into my throat and mouth. I gagged and was coughing and gasping for air but he just held my head down and shoved his wiener deeper into my throat while it kept shooting some warm stuff in my throat. “Fuck.. Alright. I’ll reboot you.”