• 2 weeks ago

Woowee I just saw a man going into Trail Books looking niced & spiced ready to get his bootyhole bopped! He has on a grey midriff shirt, thonged bootyshorts, and a ponytail. I know he’s going to the video booths to suck and get fucked! Goddamn! Besides the fact he’s an obvious bottom, I would otherwise Refuse His Load bc he looks like a dirty scumbag and is just, No thank you. I’m only into hairy masculine bears and feminine transladies. Some of these people, they are sleazier than me.

Terrific Throatpie Thursday Y’all, to you and yours. Be safe, stay masked up around strangers and unvaxxed people, be considerate and respectful of your fellow humans. And don’t be as sleazy as this dude at the video store; it was bad enough that I was there buying some fresh poppers for a bonerjam, I heard the sound from videos playing in the booth area so I know some dirty papichulo was already there at 730 this morning before Midriff Miguel and the other dude in the white Navigator who I’ve seen before lurking around the store dropped off some borracho crackhead he just dropped a load in. There are nasty motherfuckers all around you.