• 2 weeks ago

Coke Can Cock Cornelius & Dookie Dunker Dashawn spitroasted me last night at Club Orlando while Nigga Nuts Nick(he specified this is his name, not any other “cracka shit” he might be referred to as) teabagged me and intermittently traded out with Cornelius so I could be his ball washer. Dashawn then mounted me like a horse and told me he was gonna give me a Hershey Surprise: even tho I hadn’t eaten in a day and washed myself out, his long dong got deep in my guts and made me shit all over his dick. He then made it churn in and out til he came inside me. He told that was his specialty. After Cornelius and Nick finished up in my mouth, we smoked a couple Backwoods around the pool and they told me Club Orlando was the afterparty spot every Wednesday and Saturday. Little did I know they were just getting me blazed so they could glaze my mouth and face, cuz when the blunts were done I was throatfucked by all three and some old white guy. Luckily they didn’t last long, it felt like my esophagus was going to detach!

It’s a long drive from Clermont, but totally worth it. If you are gay in central Florida, Club Orlando bathhouse will definitely leave you with a night to remember!