• 2 months ago

What could I have done? Yes I am a 18 year old boy with a deep navel fetish and i want my mom to touch me inside my navel. I am afraid of her but I love her very much. She doesnt like me and often punishes me by trying my arms and whipping my belly. She kicks inside my navel, pours hot wax and she says she hates all men. But then I begged her to caress my painful navel and she took pity on me.

She tended to my sore navel and I begged her to kiss me there. She then placed her lips on my navel and it throbbed in pleasure. I begged her to do more and she slid her tongue inside my navel. I found heaven inside. My navel throbbed in pleasure as she kept hitting the navel base hard with her tongue tip. I writhed and moaned in pleasure when suddenly she closed her mouth and sucked my navel hard. It seemed she tried to suck out my navel so hard was her sucking. I found bliss in that painful pleasure. It seemed my navel was inside her mouth and she will chew and eat it. I dont remember when I passed out in pleasure

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