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In the middle of the night three Nigger men aged between fourteen and seventeen broke into the bedroom where I was fucking my 42 year old, 3½” cock, little balls one-shot-and-we’re-done husband. I don’t often let his pretty little 3½” cock fuck me but he had paid $405.80 for the privilege, made up of $200 for the first insertion, $100 for the second insertion, $50 for the use of my bum, $80 for kissing and $25.80 sales tax. I hardly felt his cock going in and pumping its load.

The Niggers were beautiful, strong, slim, massive cocks, loaded balls. They were naked. They woke my husband by turning him onto his face, pulling his arms behind his back, handcuffing him, pushing a pair of soiled underpants into his mouth and strapping and locking a steel gag around his face so that he could not speak, then clamping a spiked chastity tube over his little cock.

They raped me hard, four or five times each, I lost count. My pussy felt so used, so raped, so fucked. I began to sob with the intense pleasure as the cocks fucked me, fucked me, fucked me in the pussy and up the bum. I loved those big Nigger cocks. I wanted the rape, rape, rape to go on and on for ever.

The Niggers went from my bedroom into my son’s room. The eldest Nigger, seventeen years old at most and gifted by God with a thick, straight 10¾” raping cock, took from a plastic carrier bag some white linen. The three Niggers gently kissed my eight year old 1½” cocked son. They peeled his pajamas off. They kissed his lips, tummy, bum cleft, tummy, feet, thighs, balls, cock. Then they unfolded the white linen. It was a white bridal gown. They dressed my beautiful son in push-up molded brassiere, garter belt, white bridal knickers with a shocking pink hearts pattern, a short white dress which left the crotch of the white knickers on show, gloss tan stockings attached to the garter with elastic straps and high heel shiny white shoes. They decorated my son with a posy of orange blossom, an alice band, lipstick and false lashes.

My son was seductive, lovable, sexy, ready to depart on honeymoon with a well cocked husband, ready to be de-flowered and fucked senseless, fucked until his bum was burning hot and sore.

The youngest Nigger, 8″ pissed on my son’s wedding gown, making it warm, wet, clinging to the skin beneath, showing the brassier, knickers, garter, suspender straps. The middle Nigger, fifteen,

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