• 2 weeks ago

“I dOnT KnOW hoW I EnDed Up In tHe SituAtioN thAt I aM In”.

You ended up in that situation because Karma is a bitch. Let’s run the fucking list now bitch. Let’s see here; (1) you broke up a marriage and felt no guilt or remorse over it, (2) you’re a two faced cunt and act so nice and sweet to their face and trash them behind their backs (which is why I don’t fucking hang out with you anymore), and (3) you act like everything in the world is against you and nothing is ever your fault. With all this, and more, shit that you’ve done and continue to do you whine about how unfair your fucking life is. YOU EXPECT ME TO JOIN IN YOUR PITY PARTY? Bitch, go fuck yourself. Enjoy life no having no friends because you treat people like shit.

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