• 8 months ago

If you are a guy and you pick up women on Tinder, Bumble and Twitter, for the occasional date, but you have no intention for it to go anywhere, because all you want is a fuck and then you drop them like a hot potato, then consider the mental damage you are doing to each woman, who is looking for a long term relationship and who never considered themselves to be your next “quick fuck”
Once a woman starts to become involved with you, she goes into the “nesting mode” and she starts to see a possible future with you and she starts to get feelings for you and hopes that whatever you share together, will become something more.
It is the cruelist thing, a man can do to a woman, to lead her on and then drop here like yesterday’s trash, once you have got whatever you want, because women are not constructed that way and they deserve much better from you men.
You should set your boundaries before either of you become involved at all, so each knows what to expect from the other and if nothing is ever going to become of the time spent together, then that should be on the table for all to see, from the get go.
To you guys, who are out there, fucking up women’s lives, it is a crime and you can be punished by the Law and imprisoned and made to pay Compensation, once you are released, after the Law eventually catches up with you – as should be the case.
Be careful who you hurt, this is not just about you and your sexual needs, you have to consider the innocent female you are inflicting yourself on and how she will feel after you drop her and how that will effect future relationships she was entitled to, but which you scared her away from having, because of your uncaring, self serving, attitude.
Rot in Hell, you men who don’t give a shit, except where you stick your prick next, in your ongoing, uncaring, manner.
Hopefully, a woman with a meat cleaver will chop it off and then someone else can bitch you, rather than the other way around.

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