• 7 months ago

When I was 18 I stayed with a friend in his town. We partied and I passed out. I woke to him giving me head (I’d never touched a guy, or wanted to). I was angry, he apologized, kept sucking, and asked if I wanted him to stop. I was too close, so said no. He swallowed and then stradded my chest to start stroking his hard-on. He told me to close my eyes, but I wanted to watch him explode (he did, on my face). It was so hot that I took him in my mouth and started doing my best to suck him. He must have been really worked up, because he came again in my mouth. I liked the shocked look on his face so much that I wanted to keep shocking him, so I asked him to fuck me. I didn’t know if it would fit, or hurt, or what – but I wanted to find out. He was actually slow and patient but I soon felt his balls slapping against me. He was reaching around jerking me, and in a few minutes he came AGAIN to fill me up while I exploded on my stomach and the bed. Later in the weekend we were naked on the sofa with him inside me again and playing with my erection – when his roomate walked in and I didn’t even think about covering up or stopping him from his obvious fucking of my ass! The feelings were so awesome that I became his bottom whenever I was in town. One time he took me to a club that I didn’t realize was a gay bar, and had other guys feeling me up while I was shooting pool! I love my wife, and our sex life, but I sometimes find myself getting hard thinking about that year I worshipped cock!

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