• 8 months ago

It’s kind of sad when you let something realy important to you go, but you still cling to it and need it, stalk it, care about it and really love it, try to hurt it. It’s the most important thing in your life ever really.

That’s really sad especially when they’ve moved on and your there stalking. That’s gotta be really hard. Every day. It must take a toll on your sleep and your mental stability and all your other relationships. Especially when they pull away further and don’t care and it’s been a month or two since you’ve heard even a peep out of them. I imagine it being like being smothered. You can do your worst for attention or to reach out or cause problems and it doesn’t even matter. Its like it bounces right off them. It’s all been done, and your in a deeper hole with that relationship

Sounds like a miserable life. Take a tip from me. Don’t ever sweat anything that is not in your direct sight. You’ll be much happier.

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